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by RevengeTV ~ July 7th, 2008

Hey my friend! This here ex girlfriend revenge picture gallery stars a damn heavenly ex girlfriend named Sonya getting butt naked in her kitchen making some naughty pics for her (now ex) boy friend. God only knows the fellows name but all that actually matters here is that she made him mad and he sent in the revenge pics of his ex-girlfriend showing off her ludacrisly charming natural body sans clothing to RevengeTV!

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Some of the ex-girlfriend revenge pictures that I have seen around on the world wide web are god damn fugly but the dark haired ex girlfriend inside todays image gal is ridiculously scrumptious and I am positive that there’s no one out there that is no liking what they’re seeing in between Sonya’s creamy thighs.

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Exgirlfriend Kara Gets Her Face Showered With Sperm

by RevengeTV ~ July 4th, 2008

Kara… she is a personal favorite ex girlfriend of mine and I’ve witnessed more than couple of the revenge vid featuring her sweet tanned ass. Her and her (now ex) boy friend shot a load of fucking hot videos that when they broke up he submitted to RevengeTV to get back at her for whatever she did to him.

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Seriously my friend I dont give a shit what Kara did. All I give a shit about is that I am sitting butt naked making a fucking huge sticky mess to her blowing her boy friend on camera. You guys that know me, grasp that I’m a sucker for an ex girlfriend with ass and todays cock licking exgirlfriend has one HELL of a booty on her!

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by RevengeTV ~ July 2nd, 2008

Most of the revenge movies I have writen about here are of exgirlfriends getting fucked in broad damn daylight ya know. Well I dont know about yer sex life but when I am stuffing my latest girl friend, it is for the most part at night and in the damn dark. SO… todays super sweet ex girlfriend revenge vid gallery features a luscious blond(?) ex girlfriend sucking cock and getting stuck with the night vision enabled.

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From what I can guess, the ex-girlfriend getting her face filled with beef bayonet has a fucking nice set of breasticles on her and a yummy little punani that just BEGS to be hammered hard as all hell!

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I attempted to discover a gal where shes gettin’ splashed with orgasm night vision style but sadly I could not discover anything. Either way, this here night vision revenge video gallery is a somewhat hot set of vids that I am certain you are gunna love. When you are done witnessing this here ex girlfriend revenge videos get over to RevengeTV and download the remainder of this revenge vid. Trust me here my dear friend it’s something you shouldnt miss out on!

Insanely Horny Exgirlfriend Natallie Gets Blasted With Spunk

by RevengeTV ~ June 25th, 2008

Hows it hangin pal! All ya fellows that like viewing a fucking horny light haired ex-girlfriend gettin smashed hard as fuck are gunna like this here pic gallery. Why do I say that? Well, cus this ex-girlfriend revenge pic gal stars a fucking horny fair haired ex-girlfriend that fucking LOVES a fresh gob of cum shot on her attractive face.

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Her name is Natallie and there’s nothing on this earth that ex girlfriend Natallie likes more than the hot man sauce of her boyfriend dripping from her pretty face. I am not even fucking with you here pal! Crack open the revenge image gallery and see for yourself how she is all smiles with orgasm oozing down her cheek.

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